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We all know that travelling means not only people and places, but also… tastes! When it comes to good restaurants, Saranda has a few. You already know that it is very cheap. Now it is time to get to know where to eat in order to experience some culinary elations.
The best restaurants in Saranda:

  1. La Petite by the main road leading to Ksamil is definitely worth recommending. Not far from the city centre, right next to the shore with interesting atmosphere and scents spreading around the neighbourhood. The dishes are pleasant for the eyes and very tasty. There is something for everyone, for reasonable prices.
  2. Quite a unique atmosphere, but very tasty food can be found in restaurant Haxhi. Here prices are a little lower than in other restaurants in Saranda. The dishes are served in a creative way and the products seem very fresh.
  3. Harmony restaurant makes a good impression. The interior design is pleasant and the dishes – tasty.
  4. Casa Nostra Bar indeed has a family atmosphere and kind staff. The view, right next to Blue View Apartment, makes this place even more attractive. Tasty pizza and simply delightful coffee.
  5. The restaurant in Premium Resort hotel in Santa Quaranta has delicious food, desserts and an amazing view. We highly recommend it!

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Author: Paweł Cieślak

Photo: Konrad Rogoziński