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A lot of my Clients say “I have seen everything”, but when I ask them about Saranda I observe astonishment and curiosity in their eyes. Quite aptly – you have not been their yet and it is definitely worth it. For Saranda is a gem of Albanian Riviera and there are plenty 
of reasons to visit it. 8 most important? Here you go..

  • Dinners cheaper than in Radom

Sit comfortably in a restaurant with a view on the turquoise Ionian Sea, pick something from the menu (even at random), wait a while, observing silver waves and… enjoy the full meal for 25 PLN. And if it is still not enough, order some “Corca” beer to convince yourself that good mountain water can be the base of an extremely crisp flavour. Yum!

  • Sunset just like on a postcard

Saranda is situated on a bay and almost every holiday apartment has a view on the mesmerizing sunset. On the horizon you will see a vague outline of the Greek island Corfu, and on the right – the sun, falling majestically into the water. You need nothing more but to buy some pistachio nuts, good Albanian wine and relish your holidays.

  • Water like a looking glass

You can be surprised at the crystal clear water by a gentle shore. Its clarity is due to mountain rivers flowing into the Ionian Sea. The only negative aspect is that off-season, the sea can be quite cold here. Yet, one decided advantage is a fact that the water is considerably clearer than in other typically tourist countries.

  • Hospitality like in a rustic film

Albanians are famous for their hospitality. I bet you have already heard about many hospitable nations, but here you will define the meaning of hospitality all over again. Ask someone for a way – he will be even willing to stop a bus on the road with his own body just to inform you, in a broken English, where you should go. And when he is finished helping, he will just turn his back and walk away, not expecting “baksheesh” or any other form of return – a beautiful alternative to Egypt.

  • Surefire weather

Yes, I also love the Polish sea. But you know what is the problem? Booking 2-week holiday by the Baltic Sea you can chance upon, even in July, 10 rainy days… Brrr! Saranda is different – the climate is Mediterranean, so a good weather during the season is surefire. And because of that, instead of swearing like a trooper, you will be able to relax on a beautiful beach and come back home with a healthy suntan.

  • Juicy fruit

If you know the taste of bananas only from Tesco, well… you do not actually know how a banana really tastes like. In Saranda you do not need to buy frozen and imported fruit, because… they grow locally. Try a juicy pomegranate, delight yourself with the sweetness of a banana and dip your teeth in an aromatic watermelon. You will notice the difference – I guarantee!

  • Something for Mercedes fans

Due to the hilly location of the city, Albanians needed strong cars, fail-safe as well. I do not know how it started, but today every self-respecting resident of Saranda has a Mercedes. Although most of them are older than your parents, they still drive and it is charming. Wherever you look, there is a Mercedes – mostly black ones, just like in a mafia-themed film.

  • Mountains or sea? Take everything!

Best for last! You do not have to argue over your holiday destination anymore – mountains or sea? Saranda will make you bury the hatchet and go to one place where you can both be satisfied. What is more, most of the pictures that you will take during your stay will depict both landscapes: wonderful sea, as well as spectacular mountains. There is definitely something to look at!

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Author: Jakub B. Bączek

Photo: Konrad Rogoziński