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Saranda offers not only beautiful beaches, turquoise water of the Ionian Sea and low prices of stay. It is also a perfect place to invest in real estate. An increasing number of tourists visit Albania, and Saranda is unanimously considered the most beautiful city of this developing country. The real estate market is full of occasions and investing is a chance of high rates of reimbursement of the purchased apartments, even over 50% in one year (an example of such an increase of worth is our apartment „Saranda Blue View” INTERLINK: apartment was purchased  in 2017 for 39 000 EU, a year later it was worth over 60 000 EU).

Miasto Saranda na wybrzezu morza jońskiego w Albanii

We justify our investments with three major observations:

  1. Airports coming into existence in tourist cities always cause the increase of local real estate prices (and Saranda plans to build an airport).
  2. The potential of Arabic countries (Egypt, Tunisia) is running dry, what causes migration of tourists to new interesting destinations (which also causes the increase of local real estate prices).
  3. Albania has pro-European aspirations and its European Union enter will cause a sudden increase of apartment prices, which will ensure investors some huge rise.

Still, it is not an easy market. First of all: the law is complicated. Secondly: on the market there are a lot of agents who do not inform less experienced investors about key issues and lead them to purchasing; they take high commissions, but do not care of the client’s good. And lastly: it is worth knowing what apartments to buy and where to buy them, because some properties, although located well, are not besieged by the tourists, while in some other districts tourists are present even for the entire year.

Miasto Saranda na wybrzezu morza jońskiego w Albanii
Miasto Saranda na wybrzezu morza jońskiego w Albanii

We function on the Albanian real estate market for a long time now and our acquisitions, takeovers and sales led to great experience and valuable contacts with reliable contractors, therefore we encourage all potential investors to contact us. We will help to choose the best apartment, take care of its possible renovation, then rent it (on our platform + + AirBnB + our partner websites) and serve the investor A to Z when it comes to serving the tourists. We charge very small commission for our service and guarantee a reliable and honest relation.

We follow the rule: „Do not force the door which is already opened”. That is why instead of toiling over the new and foreign market, trust our specialists and write to us regarding your first investment in Saranda. Our team will support you and give you all the necessary  tools to derive not only high profits, but also pleasure from investing money.

Miasto Saranda na wybrzezu morza jońskiego w Albanii

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