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Did you know that by Saranda’s shore there are more than 20 shipwrecks, which are easily accessible without a need to sail to the open sea in a boat? That is right! These are, among others:

– “Peshkatarit” fishing cutter,
– Antonio car-passenger ferry, which sunk in 2003,
– A group of six Albanian warships sunken in 2010 by the American USNS warship,
– S 402 motor torpedo boat ? the first shipwreck from the above group rests on a keel 18 m beneath the sea level,
– S 422 patrol ship (39 m long and 5 m wide hull, rests 33 m beneath the sea level on its left side. It is armed in a single cannon, type 66, calibre 57 mm, as well as two coupled anti-aircraft cannons, calibre 37 mm.),
– Heavy Regina Margherita cruiser. Sunken on 11th of December 1916,
– Ex Vienna hospital ship, sunken by Allied torpedo airplanes on 14th of March 1941. 138 m long,
– Andromeda Spica destroyer. SC16 side number. Sunken by British torpedo airplanes on 17th of March 1941,
– Luciano steamer. Transport ship with a displacement of 3329 tons, sunken on 15th of April 1941 by British torpedos,
– Stampalla steamer. More than 70 m long. Sunken by the air force on 15th of April 1941,
– Rosandra battleship with a displacement of more than 8000 tons. Sunken within about 8 nautical miles from the entrance to the harbour by British Tactician submarine. The shipwreck rests more than 60 m beneath the sea level…
– Ravignio steamer. 58 m long with displacement of 451 tons. A small steamship sunken on its cruise to Istria on 22nd of September 1943 by British torpedo boats,
– MV Probitas freighter, 115 m long, sunken in 1943 by German airplanes,
– Algerine destroyer, HMS Regulus, sunken in the Strait of Corfu on 12th of January 1945 after hitting a mine,
– Shipwrecks of Roman and Greek ships from VI century BC to about V century AD

There is also a Polish Diving Base in Saranda, which offers diving packages and learning.