1. If you plan to fly on Corfu and take a ferry to Saranda, please make yourself acquainted with the timetable. It is best to book it in advance through https://ionianseaways.com/online-reservation/. You are crossing the borders of the European Union, so documents (passport or ID card) will be required. The cruise takes from 30 to 70 minutes (depending on the type of ferry). The exact place where you will be able to collect your ticket from is shown on the website after the booking process. The place is located right next to the main entrance to the seaport.
  2. Ferries sail only several times a day, so it is good to check the exact time of your plane’s arrival. You need to consider possible accommodation for a night on Corfu. The closer to the seaport, the better. Some example hotels are:
  1. It is approximately 1,5 miles from the Corfu airport, a 30-minute walking distance. Approximately 10 minutes by a taxi (depending on the time of the day).
  2. There is another way to get to Saranda as well. It is the airport in Ioannina, Greece. The transport from Ioannina to Saranda is organized by our contractor. The cost of a return ticket is 100 EUR. It is necessary to notify us of the will to take the transport not later than 3 days before the flight. Transfer from Ioannina to Saranda takes approximately 90 miutes.
  3. The last way of getting to Saranda (besides direct car drive from Poland) is a flight to Tirana, the capital city of Albania. Afterwards, a 6-hour journey to the south makes it not the most comfortable way of reaching Saranda.
  4. The best option of collecting the keys and getting to the apartment is booking the 10 EUR transfer at our contractor’s. He will collect you from the seaport, lead you into the apartment and hand in the keys.
  5. Another way is collecting the keys in person at Saranda Realestate Angjensia, Imobiliare Saranda, Rruga Butrinti, prane Hotel Grandit 9700 Saranda.
  6. The facility is non-smoking. There is no option of bringing pets. The apartment is fit for 3 people.
  7. We recommend to choose the “Wind” mobile phone network provider to avoid high costs of calls in Albania.
  8. The cheapest way of renting a car is to contact our contractor during the transfer to the apartment.
  9. The Polish contact number in case of any problems is +48506116644.